Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two Monastery Tours

We took two monastery tours this afternoon with a wonderful tour guide, Antonella. She was so knowledgeable and passionate about the secrets behind the frescoes we viewed at Monte Oliveto Maggiore, and she also gave us a tour of Sant 'Anna in Camprena, where the English Patient was filmed.

Beautiful inlayed wood decorated the walls of the chapel at Monte Oliveto Maggiore.

 Valley view at Sant 'Anna in Camprena.


Our guide, Antonella, explaining the frescoes and their secrets. (One extra leg is in the left fresco, while in the right one, Jesus appears to be with child)

Some people book the monastery for their stay, like a hotel.
There were beautiful lemon trees in the garden.

After the tour, we ate dinner in the monastery, where the monks used to eat. It was prepared by Ornella, and was a full Tuscan meal of bread stew, homemade tagliatelle, chianina beef stew from Valdchiana, and dessert, espresso...the works!

What a wonderful experience to share with the group and such a great meal!

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