Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunset over Florence

A view of our last sunset over the Florence skyline from our hotel. It is bittersweet. It's time for our adventure to end now. It was amazing and wonderful. What a way to celebrate our anniversary and my 50th Birthday! And now it is time for us to head home. We made our way to the tiny Florence airport on a quiet taxi ride in the morning. We tried to check in 3 hours before our flight like good travelers. They would not check us in and said we were too early! They went for their coffee break and told us to wait another hour. What else to do but have another cappuccino...the last one in Italy overlooking the hills and the airport.
Ciao Italy!
Three plane rides later... and slogging through Canadian customs like a Disneyland queue, which made us almost miss our plane to the U.S., was probably the worst part of the trip. We were like those funny commercials, literally running to our gate and they were on the phone saying, "The Bergers are here, put their bags back on the plane." Have you ever been the LAST people to board a plane??
Ah...terra firma...HOME at last! Never have I been so glad to see my Space Needle and Mt. Rainier as we flew in over the beautiful waterways of the Pacific Northwest. There's no place like home.

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