Thursday, September 6, 2012


We visited the cute town of Montepulciano with Flay and Alice after the Icario winery tour.
Approaching the town and the view of the bell tower.

The entrance to the town.

 We got rained on here and were taking cover under this arch for awhile.
 Montepulciano in the rain...I think those were wine corks inside that vase.
Here's the ancient wall we found walking in town, with the Pegasus that Icario uses for their symbol on the wine.
We went into a church there...


 This little guy would hit the bell when the clock chimed a certain time.
 Many shops of ceramics.
 We had to stop for a cappuccino to wake ourselves up a bit.




The little shop where Alice and I bought souvenir purses for our girls.

An artist working on his mosaics.

Another artist next door working on her ceramic painting.

Surprised to find a shop that had knitwear! The wool looked hot to me here though.

Could the doorways get any cuter? I think not!

 Sort of a typical Italian male with a polo, and popped collar!

Beautiful marble floor inside the church.

We paid good euros to climb up for this view of the main square.

On our way through town we passed a building with piano music emanating from it:

Arne filling up at a fountain.

We loved Montepulciano!

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