Sunday, September 2, 2012

Farm Visit Day

The sun rose up over the valley illuminating the Pienza belltower and we could hear the dogs barking away. Ate cornflakes, 1/2 banana and pastry and our moka pot espresso!
We fill our water jug at the water spigot behind the farm shed.

 There has been rationing due to the rain shortage.They are not sure how well the harvest will be since it has been so dry. There is a kitty here who was in a fight and has lost his nose. :( Arne tries to keep the kitties out of our apartment, which is amusing to watch!
We had a tour today of the family Moricciani farm at Via San Gregorio in Pienza. There we saw the pigs, chickens, and I got to hold a baby duck! Don't tell customs!
 We learned about the production of their house wine, pecorino cheese, prosciutto and olive oil.

 Isa is explaining  about the wine making process.

Luciano explaining about the wine as well:

Arne is checking out the prosciutto hanging.

 The house made Orcia Rosso wine from Cretaiole.
 House made olive oil from Cretaiole.
 In the room with the large vats of olive oil. When you lift the lid, you can smell the "grassy" smell of oil.
 Luciano shows how they package the oil for shipping.
 A wonderful spread of house made pecorino cheeses and wines is layed out for us to try.
 Luciano cutting the pecorino and prosciutto while the pup looks on, hoping for something to drop!
 Arne bought a chunk of cheese and prosciutto at the end of the tour.
 Carlo looks on and is the olive oil expert in the bunch. It was fun speaking French with him!

After the tour, we went in to Pienza to buy a bottle of "aqua, no gas", and took some pictures. They were setting up for their 50 year Celebration of the cheese rolling contest. They did a flag tossing and wore ceremonial attire, rang the bells and had a ball in the evening. In the main square the cheese rolling contest occurred. While we did not attend, we could hear the bells ringing away at night. We went for a walk to look at the grapes in the vineyard.

 Tonight, we eat in! With ravioli made by the pasta store in Pienza, and basil from the garden, and garden salad, tomatoes and house wine. Fantastic!
Another big rain and windstorm rolls in tonight...

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