Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pici Pasta Making

Kitty with "no nose" relaxes before our pici making party.
 First, we all get a wooden board to work on. The surface must be free of flour and a bit rough.

 Isa prepares to instruct us in the pici making process. She chats with our visitor from Sweden.

 For this large group we will need alot of flour and make it into a large indented "lake" bed.
Adding the eggs into the big well of flour.
 Next comes the olive oil.
Pouring in the water.
 After adding in the water, slowly she works the flour in to the center of the lake.
 Ready for kneading and turning.
Isa watching over me until I get the hang of it.
Proud of my dough!
Knead, knead, knead, half fold in, and turn.
Arne rolling the pici. Hey, he changed shirts!
It's all in the pulling and the tension.
Here is a nice U Tube clip we found made by someone else who stayed at Cretaiole a few weeks after we did, that demonstrates the proper way to roll out the pici:
Ta Da! My pici pasta!
 We pause to celebrate the bright sunset over the garden!
 The ladies have a chat and everyone enjoys the house made red wine.

 Arne visits Carlo at the grill.
 Carlo manages the wonderful grilled sausage and meats.
 Luciano presented this basket of homegrown figs.
 Someone grabbed my camera and got this shot for us! I have no idea who!
 Here is our pici pasta, in all its glory with Isa's homemade sauce. Someone's noodles were too fat. Whose were those? Ha ha, Perfecto!
 Susan and John.
 Flay and Alice. :)
The guest from Sweden did a reading from a book on Tuscany that featured some stories on Isabella. It was very moving.
 Luciano proudly displaying his homegrown watermelon to share.
 Isa with her homemade gelato that she prepared just for us.
 Luciano enjoying the festivities.
 Flay using his talents to sing and play guitar for us.

You can hear Flay singing here:

Luciano with his grandson and son Carlo.

 Fond memories with good friends, Luciano and Alice and John.

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