Tuesday, September 4, 2012

San Quirico D'Orcia

Our morning trip to Pienza to the Co-op market to get our produce...

which is done by putting a plastic glove on your hand so you don't touch anything with your bare hands, then weighing it on the scale and printing out a label.
 A local lady helped me with the scale. Arne found the eggs to the left of the milk section. They are very bright yellow inside the yolks.

 Our little shopping basket.

After that was done, we headed to the town of  San Quirico D'Orcia. On the way there is the spot where the movie was filmed showing Russell Crowe riding his horse down the lane of cypress trees so we paused to take a few shots there.


San Quircio was a pretty town with beautiful garden, and wall outside city, bell tower and church of course as all the towns seem to have.


We ate at Caffe il Fozza, Enoteca Sala da Te

A lovely spot for a lunch under cover from any rain that might come our way today.

 Always pecorino cheeses of many types with a fruit sauce.
 Farrow bean soup for me...
 Gnocchi for him...and espresso.
 Cappuccino to finish...
Ahh...I feel the pounds creeping on.

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