Saturday, September 1, 2012

On to Orvieto

We made it to the train station in Rome, and asked how to get in the queue to get a ticket for a train to Orvieto. A helpful traveler showed us how. We got in line, purchased our tickets and were told to go to a lane and find our train. Arne hefted our suitcases up for us and we made our way to our car and seats. A bit nervous, but we got on in time and headed to Orvieto. At times on the train, our ears popped from the speed and the air pressure changes.

We found the Hertz rental car place, along with other US travelers. Our car was pretty new, with working AC, thankfully! We left the car there with our bags. And took the Funiculare  tram up the hill to the town of Orvieto.

Here we go with a video clip of us riding up the Funiculare.You can hear all the German tourists on there with us!:
At the top, was this view!
 Hard to believe we made it this far! Tired, but happy!
 What a charming town Orvieto was...I wanted to take photos around every corner.
Ceramic stores to temp the travelers...
 Every street is cute like this one.

Arne meets a wild boar. One of the meats that is cooked traditionally in Italy.
Doorways and doors were my favorite thing everywhere we went!
Every town seems to have one...a clock or bell tower that chimes sweetly every so often.

This is the big
Duomo and Cappella Di San Brizio with quite a decorated facade.


Our little place where we had our lunch.
Our first Italian pizza. Much thinner crust than American pizza. Goood!

Here's a clip of the bell tower...
We have to leave for Pienza after lunch. Bye, Orvieto!

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