Monday, September 3, 2012

Part 2, Pergola of Death!

It all was so lovely and sunny. We decided to go for a walk in Pienza after finishing our yummy luncheon. We walked down through town. This is the main piazza where the cheese rolling took place. You can see the circle in the center of the piazza that marks the spot where they roll the cheese!

Walking through town and seeing the colorful shops selling their wares.
This is the town's main entrance.

And here's the corner place we went for cappucino many times. You sit down first, then they wait on you and then you pay. Instead of like a Starbucks where you pay at the counter and order first.
Isn't this wall just wonderful and colorful?
 How about this view of the valley?

  I really liked this tree bark and was admiring the nuts on this one tree...

I even made Arne set up the camera on a timer to get this shot...all while the storm was looming above us.

Oh, it is starting to rain. Look at the dark clouds. We are going to have to take cover under these trees for awhile...Gee, it is not letting up is it? It's coming down harder. What shall we do? Wait here under the trees awhile or go to the car? Let's try to run for the car. Why didn't we bring the umbrella?
It is really coming down now and quite the deluge. Can we make it to the car? (Why didn't we duck into a coffee shop???) " Let's go under this pergola," he says. She thinks: It's metal and it's a thunder storm. Everything in her says "No, you don't go and stand under a metal structure in a thunder storm, especially when there is lightning." "C'mon, let's go under this," he says. There's no way we can make it back to the car. We'll just wait it out. It keeps coming and coming. More rain, more thunder and lightning. Now she is super duper scared. Like the praying to God kind of scared. He says, "I'll go to the car and get it and bring it here. You stay here with the camera bag." "No, don't leave me!", she cries! "You'll be fine, I promise! You are letting your fears carry you away!"...Finally she relents and he goes to get the car. She prays harder and louder the whole time he is gone. Oh and by the way, that sign says "Don't enter" in Italian. Which makes her feel even worse. What if the Carabinieri police come arrest me for standing in here?  And look at the pointy thing on top of the pergola. Won't that attract the lightning? My husband is smart, he is an electrical engineer guy. Surely he knows if we are in true danger. "If it hits anything," he says, "it will be that tall bell tower over there, not us"...I am still not reassured...

Do you see this face? This is for real, I am not even kidding. I was scared out of my mind and he's laughing! I thought we would get a picture so we would have one last picture of us on the camera when they found us inside the pergola later on. End of story: Happy ending of course. He got the car, I got in and the camera survived. I did not die in the Pergola of Death.
What did I learn from this? I still know in my heart you are not to stand under something metal, or on something metal when you are wet. So I don't know what I learned from this other than, we should've brought our umbrella and ducked into a coffee shop! Oh yeah, and it rains alot in Italy, apparently.

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