Thursday, September 6, 2012

Icario Winery Tour

Icario Vineyard, Montepulciano

The Icario Vineyard and Cellar Tour in Montepulciano, including tour, wine tasting and light lunch happened on this day. We had a fabulous Italian guide.

We enjoyed sharing this day with Flay and Alice.
 This is the pegasus that is the symbol of the Icario winery. We would later find it in the town, the design derived from a pattern on an ancient wall.
Artwork in the lobby entrance.

 Entering into the wine making areas.

Moving on to the oak barrels and the explanation of their use.
 Upstairs to the banquet room...

The featured photographer exhibiting his photos of Montepulciano.

We were told the glass floor was indeed safe to walk across and had hosted many dance and wedding receptions. You could look down onto the wine barrel room.
 Arne and Flay, the engineers, testing out the solidity of the floor.
We got to see the original art that was created for the wine labels in these rooms to the side.

Now for the wine tasting and lunch...
 First, water must be poured...
 Our little reference guide on the wines we would taste. Some were a white and red blend we had never heard of before. Our favorites were at the end; The two red Nobile wines.
Probably the best bruschetta ever...and pecorino cheese of course, as well as various prosciutto, and  hams, and a fig.
At the end of the tour, we walked down by the offices and they had these photos on the walls. We were given a photograph book featuring the artist that had done the pieces upstairs on display.


Anyone had the opportunity to purchase wine, however it was so expensive to ship to the US, we did not take advantage of that!

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