Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Torre Guinigi and Walking the Walls

On my own on this day while Arne is doing his Ducati ride. I decided to climb up the Torre Guinigi, the most important tower in Lucca. Of course there is a charge to do this and alot of steps!
At the top is a rooftop garden and view of Lucca. At the top I met a traveler from Holland and we enjoyed chatting and the view.

A panoramic of Lucca:

In the afternoon I decided to walk around the town and try to get some souvenir shopping done. I also continued on my hunt to find doorways. And not only doorways, but ones that have the magical number "50" over them, to coincide with my big Birthday. I have in my mind to do a special album of doorways including them somehow. So here's one:

 I visited the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, an eliptical piazza. Here I found a store that carried Pandora, and Tedora and found a charm for my bracelet and enjoyed chatting in English with a nice saleswoman.

Oh, and another "50" door:

My lunch of dried out half of panini, not so good...and I confused them asking for a caffe coldo, coffee with hot milk. Should've just asked for a cappuccino here.

Cute cup though....not sure what it means..."to the flight?"

and they sold gelato too so not too bad...

Off to walk again, and here's another "50":

Oh...yawn, another door :)... Could this get any cuter?

I loved this garden and there was a cute couple sitting in it relaxing.

I just admired this tree bark alot.

Then I had to walk around the walls that surround the entire city of Lucca because that or bikeriding around it is what people do. Alot of people rent bikes, but I decided to do it all on foot. It is about 4.2 km of city walls, built between the first half of the sixteenth and mid seventeenth century. The town has six entries (gates or ports)
Along the walk you can see the towers, bell towers and squares.

And here's a coffee shop on the walls.

 After all that walking, I was pretty hot, so made it back to the hotel and rested, showered and got ready for the evening. I was so glad when Arne got back from his ride. I had made reservations at Via San Giorgio and it was a great meal...with a humorous waiter.

Oh and there was no dessert menu, just the waiter standing before us "in black and white" :) And no tiramisu this time of year :) Hysterical waiter guy. We settled for this instead:

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