Monday, September 10, 2012

To Lucca

After two trains to get there, and a fun time rolling our bags down Monterosso to the train station, we arrive in Lucca. A medieval walled city.
Our hotel Antica Residenza Dell 'Angelo in Lucca and our lovely room.

View out the living/dining room.

 The living area.
 The bedroom.
 Nice bathroom and shower.
View out the bedroom window.
 Other views out the bedroom windows.

We were very happy with our accomodations. These were not our original accomodations, however our original place made a big mistake on our booking and notified us via email in Rome, that we only had one night secured. So we canceled with them and had our concierge help us book here instead.

Our hotel is on this street on the lefthand side. We enjoyed a cafe right near the corner and frequented it during our stay.

 Lunch at the San Michele piazza right by our hotel.

 The church in the San Michele piazza right by our hotel. This is the most important medieval square of the city.

 A rubber chicken was hanging from the ceiling at this trattoria we saw walking through town!

 We are on the street where alot of people come to shop for fashion and cosmetics.


We went to check out the Ducati Tours place a day in advance so Arne could meet the owners and solidify his gear and plans for tomorrow's ride.


 Arne being fitted for the right sized gear by the owner's wife.


He had a great ride the next day and took video clips of his ride also, which turned out very cool. I was very glad to see him come back safely!
We took a nice walk through town and enjoyed the sights and the church views.

Horses in Piazza Napoleone, by Teatro del Giglio
 Our hotel intersection.

 Entrance to our hotel.

At this piazza S. Martino, Lucca's Cathedral, there were a few girls playing music and I got a video clip of them playing.
And my other little video of the same music, a bit sideways in my skills here:
We walked over to the walls to find our restaurant that was recommended to us.

We ate out our first night at a restaurant that is up on the walls of Lucca. It is in an old mini fort, and was called San Colombano. We got reservations early on in the day.

 The restaurant was contemporary and had "paint chips"for the menu.

 This was my rocket salad (arugula) with pear and pecorino cheese.
They also had gelato here, which we had earlier in the day when we came by to make reservations. Arne had an affigato; espresso over gelato.
Arne's fried pecorino cheese and pears.
 We shared tiramisu and panna cotta, and of course I had a cappuccino.
 There were chairs that glowed from the inside out on the patio.

We walked back to our hotel in the dark, but felt safe.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I really enjoyed your new posts on Lucca, Ducati etc. Especially love the little video and when you turned it sideways! LOL!