Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown Final Check List

Get the euros...check.
Get the shuttle arranged to and fro the airport...check.
Emailed the hotel for dinner reservations in Rome...still waiting to hear on that...check.
Agonize over the packing a few more days...check.
Get books loaded on Kindle...check.
Make sure light raincoat is packed...we see rain in the forecast mixed with high temps...check.
Arrange all chargers, cords and camera stuff... almost check.
Weigh's too heavy..., yikes.check!
Email my new buddy in Lucca (story to come) to exchange weather info and tell her we're coming soon! ...check!
Listen to audio tapes in car to try to absorb some language skills....check.
Walk around in the shoes alot that we plan to wear on the trip....check.
Get advice from other people who traveled about how to avoid pickpockets and get on the right train...check.
Return the duffel and the luggage tag that didn't work....check.
Get the duffel and the luggage tag that will work...check.
A few nervous butterflies in the stomach?....check.

All the planning is done and though not every book or factoid has been studied or read, all our best efforts have been made. Tour Guide Barbie is proud of me! And I am grateful for her help.
There is some satisfaction in planning out your own trip details and taking ownership of them. Though very hard work, it is rewarding. Now even with the best planning, will come surprises and spontaneous moments and maybe even a few glitches.  Of that we can be certain.
Soon it will be "ready or not here we come, Italy!"

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  1. This is getting so darned exciting!! You've done so great Jeannine and are already ahead of the game on restaurant reservations. Most of ours were done day of and we were ok. Even in Rome we booked day of and were alright. A few were literal walk by and check to see if they had room. (One in Firenze) Only town I would not wing it on reservations ever would be Pienza but you already have a reservation for first night there. I am so hungry for Italian food right now!